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About our Store

The Original Earth Glow, LLC is a boutique shop located in Convington, Louisiana. We specialize in beautiful, one-of-a-kind gifts and keepsakes crafted from Honeycomb Calcite©, a truly unique material with a striking translucent quality and distinct mineral pattern. We also work with contractors seeking to make use of the material in their projects.

In addition to our Honeycomb Calcite offerings, we showcase and sell original artwork from talented artists in the area. Our gallery of works is growing daily, so come in and check out what we have to offer!

The Story of the Stone

Honeycomb Calcite is a beautiful and impressive form of calcite. It differs from the other 700 forms of calcite in strength, density, pattern, color and luminous qualities. The name “Honeycomb Calcite” comes from the similarity it has with a beehive’s honeycomb. The “honeycomb look” is naturally formed by a white covering surrounding the honey-yellow crystal cells.

The cells grow in a conical shape over millions of years. This accounts for the different cell patterns that are common in the stone. For example, if a specimen comes from a large, mature cell, it may be solid honey yellow with few lines. The honeycomb pattern is more apparent in the smaller conical shaped cells. The changing cell size is apparent when viewed from any angle. New formed cells appear “sugar-like” since there are so many cells in such a small area.

Iron deposits in the stone produces the color – ranging from a soft, pale sunshine lemon yellow to a deep, rich honey golden amber, depending upon the thickness of the stone. Honeycomb Calcite is heavy with a density greater than concrete or granite. The stone is transparent and translucent offering a luminous glow when accentuated with light. To take advantage of this phenomenon, you may want to place your stone in an area where it can refract the available light. This results in the dramatic “glowing” effect.